Become a Tennessee Scenic Highway

Fall scene of the mountains
Fall mountain scene

Tennessee Byways Bird LogoThe objective of designating roadways under either the Tennessee Parkway system or the Scenic Highway system is to provide a network of routes that have logical termini; provide alternative routes to highly traveled roads; preserve and protect historical, scenic, and natural qualities, and furnish motorists with safe and relaxing routes by which to experience the beauty of Tennessee.

Additionally, both the Tennessee Parkway system and the Scenic Highway system restrict outdoor advertising. The Scenic Highway system is the more restrictive of the two program in regards to outdoor advertising.

Under both programs, it is unlawful to construct, use, operate or maintain any advertising structure within 2,000’ of any road or highway which is a designated part of either system located outside the corporate limits of any city or town.

Please refer to Tennessee Code Annotated 54-17-206 for rules and regulations of outdoor advertising on the Tennessee Parkway system.

Becoming a Scenic Highway
The Heritage Center
The Heritage Center

Contact the Tennessee State Legislature to request that the route be designated an official Scenic Highway. The State Legislature has the authority to make this designation. A Scenic Highway does not have to connecting and it can be a non-state route.