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View of Chilhowee Lake along Byway Bookends
Chilhowee Lake

The Tennessee Overhill, located in the southeastern corner of Tennessee, is blessed with two National Scenic Byways. The Cherohala Skyway skirts through the clouds along the northern boundary of the Overhill while the Ocoee Scenic Byway winds alongside the Ocoee River to the south. These scenic roads form bookends for the Tennessee Overhill region, each providing very different views of the natural beauty of the area. The flora, fauna, and history of each byway is unique. Rural highways and side roads link the byways and make for varied and exciting ways to explore the culture, heritage, and scenic beauty of Southeast Tennessee. Listed below are themed itineraries to help visitors explore both byways and the communities that lie between.

Cherokee Heritage

Winding through mountains, past rivers, and through small towns, you will discover the rich history of the Cherokee people on this route. Follow two National Scenic Byways and backroads to visit sites that offer a glimpse into Cherokee history and a view of contemporary Cherokee life. Museums, historic sites, modern Cherokee communities, and sacred memorials tie the past to the present and a people to their land.

Crafts Trail

Art and artists have long been influenced by the landscapes that surround them. They often draw materials, as well as inspiration, from the land itself. We invite you to find both art and inspiration as you travel scenic byways and rural highways through changing landscapes that lie between the Cherohala Skyway and Ocoee Scenic Byway. You will discover galleries, festivals, and crossroads country stores where you can purchase handmade works of art. You might even get to meet the artists.

Furs to Factories

The story of how the Industrial Revoluton played out in the Southern Appalachians is a compelling narrative that is linked to the nation's history. Each stop along the way acts as a chapter in the story. A 1757 British fort, Cherokee museum, Victorian train station, ancient trade path, 1890 railroad, copper mine, and mill villages are examples of what modern day explorers will find.

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