Sequatchie Scenic Byway

A countryside view of the Sequatchie Valley Byway
Countryside View of the Byway

The Sequatchie Byway follows TN 28 through the center of the Sequatchie Valley from Jasper to the Cumberland County line near Crossville. It is approximately 60 miles in length and amazingly straight and flat the whole way. It’s a geological wonder. It is formed in much the same way as the Grand Canyon, only this valley is clothed in trees and has a gentle river flowing through the entire length. It is bounded to the east by Walden’s Ridge and to the wet by the Cumberland Plateau. It is home to one of this nation’s highest biodiversity, and has an outstanding collection of parklands and historic sites along this stretch of road. Many of the physical features of this ‘Old Southwest Frontier, a term describing the region in the pioneer and settler days, can still be viewed today.

The entire area known as the Sequatchie Valley has the well-deserved reputation as one of the most beautiful parts in Tennessee. This remarkable valley includes picturesque farms, forests, mountains and the Sequatchie River. It’s is the perfect place for a country drive or a bike ride in the countryside. The air is sweet and the antique stores, roadside produce stands and restaurants featuring down-home cooking add to the charm of this pastoral setting.

Contact Information:
Byway Leader: Paul Archambault
Southeast Tennessee Development District
1000 Riverfront Parkway
Chattanooga, TN 37402
Local Phone: 423-424-4267
Toll Free: 877-807-4885