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North Second Street Corridor Improvement Project - Memphis

From from I-40 to US 51 (approximately 4.5 miles) in Memphis, Shelby County, TN

Project Description

The approved DEIS is available for download via the Public Involvement tab on the left-side of this webpage.

The North Second Street corridor improvement project is a joint effort between the City of Memphis, the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).  The limits of the approximately four and a half mile long project extend from I-40 in Downtown Memphis north along the North Second Street Corridor, crossing over the Wolf River and floodplain, along the existing Whitney Avenue corridor, and terminating at the US 51/SR 3 intersection.

The purpose of the proposed project is to 1) provide a viable secondary access route into the Memphis Central Business District (CBD) from communities north of downtown while improving traffic circulation within the study corridor and 2) to stimulate economic development by providing infrastructure that will maintain the existing momentum for reinvestment and new investment in residential and commercial ventures along the corridor.  Overall, the proposed project is intended to serve as an improved gateway into downtown Memphis through the Uptown Community.

One Build Alternative and the No-Build Alternative are currently under consideration for this project.  The Build Alternative improvements include converting North Second and North Third Streets into a one-way pair, and constructing a four-lane roadway from south of Henry Street, across the Wolf River Floodplain, and ending at the US 51/SR 3/Whitney Avenue Intersection in Frayser.

Project General Location Map
Click on map for larger view - pdf