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RE: Americans with Disabilities Act/504 Impact Committee

The Tennessee Department of Transportation has become increasingly proactive in ensuring ADA/504 Public Accessibility compliance is incorporated into the way the department conducts business. TDOT is undertaking many initiatives at the strategic, policy and implementation levels that ensure the department is fully compliant with the ADA/504, and is playing a key role in achieving full accessibility for all those who live in, work in and travel through the State of Tennessee.

In order to effectively evaluate the impact of these initiatives, and the impact of the ADA/504 to the department as a whole, a committee is currently being formed to meet as needed to address these issues. This group will also ensure that the department has a system for periodically reviewing and updating the department’s compliance measures.

The committee will be comprised of the following individuals: Chair: Margaret Mahler, ADA/504 Public Accessibility Office; Asst. Chief Engineer of Operations - Steve Hall; Asst. Chief Engineer of Design – Jeff Jones; Design Division – Carolyn Stonecipher; Environment Representative - Ralph Comer; Legal Representative - John Reinbold; Mass Transit Representative - Sherri Carroll ; Community Relations Division Representative - Luanne Grandinetti; Region Representative – Winston Gaffron; Finance/Administration Representative – Burns Phillips

If you should have any questions please contact:

Margaret Zeman Mahler
Accessibility Manager
Tennessee Department of Transportation
505 Deaderick St., Suite 400
Nashville, TN 37243
Phone: 615-741-4984 TTY: 615-253-8311