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Public Accessibility Office

Checklist for Public Meeting/Hearing Facilities
This is a quick checklist to facilities used for public hearings, meetings and listening sessions. This is a very brief list of things to keep in mind when looking at a building. This is not to be considered a formal inspection, just a quick list. The TDOT ADA Coordinator is always available to answer questions. Download printable version of the checklist (PDF).

  • Parking and Passenger loading zone
    Do you have ample handicap parking? Can people be safely dropped off at the main entrance being used?  Lighting?
  • Site accessible routes and elements
    Can you get from the handicapped parking safety in to the building? I s it close?  Do you have to negotiate traffic? Curbs? Stairs? Is the route marked?
  • Entrances
    Is the entrance marked w/ ADA symbol? Is the accessible entrance in the front of the building or near the entrance mainstream visitors using? (Making the disable use the “back door” is rude, and does not reflect well on TDOT) Are the doors too heavy? Fire exits? Elevators? Drinking fountains?
  • Building accessible route
    Once in the building is the route clear and marked? Is route free of barriers? Ramps? Gates?
  • Rooms and space
    Are your isles wide enough? Are your spaces for wheel chairs all in the same area or placed throughout the room?  (All people who use chairs do not know each other and do not want to sit together or sit in the back or front row; have chooses) Do you have a good location for your sign language interpreter? Can every one get to displays or are they to high?
  • Toilet Rooms
    Are your toilets accessible? If not you can have the meeting, it just can not last over one hour.

*** Also, did your letter or notice offer accessibility by giving a TTY phone number, express that TDOT is open to alternate formats, and is willing to make accommodations; this would be the same for feed back from meetings.

Accessibility Manager

Margaret Zeman Mahler
Tennessee Department of Transportation
505 Deaderick St., Suite 400
Nashville, TN 37243
Phone: 615-741-4984 TTY: 615-253-8311