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Tennessee Bridges

TDOT Response to Media Report on Bridge Inspection Program

A recent news report from a Nashville television station called the safety and reliability of TDOT’s bridge inspection program into question. The story centered on one TDOT employee from the Fayetteville, Tennessee bridge inspection office who claimed that his bridge inspection field notes were not being accurately applied to the final bridge inspection reports submitted to TDOT and the Federal Highway Administration. TDOT took this allegation very seriously, conducting extensive reviews of the bridge inspection reports in question. We also requested that the Federal Highway Administration conduct a review of the Fayetteville office as part of its annual review of our inspection program.

On October 30, TDOT received a letter from the FHWA, stating that reviews of 13 inspections from the Fayetteville office were accurate and in compliance with National Bridge Inspection Guidelines. Though this letter was supplied to the reporter well in advance of the story’s broadcast date, it was not included in the report. Therefore, the letter is posted on the TDOT website for public viewing.

The safety of the motoring public is always TDOT’s top priority, and bridge inspections are an integral part of maintaining the state’s transportation system. TDOT is proud to have one of the most highly respected inspection programs in the nation---one that the people of Tennessee can depend on as they travel throughout the state.


FHWA Letter (pdf)