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Finance Division - Utilizing Fuelman Locations

James K. Polk Building, Suite 800 .
Nashville, TN 37243
Phone 615.741.2261
fax 615.741.8993

All TDOT and other state agency vehicles may obtain unleaded gasoline, number 2 (low sulfur) diesel, and quarts of motor oil from Fuelman locations under the statewide privatization contract with Fuelman of Tennessee. Other products, oil changes, and maintenance activities can be obtained at regional and district TDOT garage locations, and any Fuelman location, in-state or out-of-state, that have these products and/or activities available. Preferably all T.D.O.T personnel will make use of the T.D.O.T. facilities.


  1. Verify that the location is a Fuelman location.  A black and silver Fuelman sign should be on the door or  window of the location .  If still not sure, ask the attendant before fueling the vehicle.

  2. Fuel vehicle first.  For TDOT vehicles requiring gasoline, use only regular unleaded gas, unless the vehicle has been approved for higher octane fuel.  If a quart of oil is needed, show attendant the oil before sliding the Fuelman cards through the card reader.  Unless, the location has gone to card-activated pumps, the Fuelman card reader will be located inside the store.

  3. Slide the orange and white employee card through the card reader.
  4. Key in the 3 digit PIN number and press the enter key.
  5. Slide the silver vehicle card through the card reader in the same manner as the employee card.
  6. Key in the current odometer reading of the vehicle and press the enter key. DO NOT KEY IN TENTHS!
  7. Wait for attendant to give you a receipt.  Verify the quantity and product purchased (product code for regular unleaded gas is 2, product code for diesel fuel is 5) on the receipt are correct before leaving the location.  Notify the attendant immediately should there be a discrepancy! 

NOTE:  Should the regular unleaded pump be down, or the location is out of regular unleaded gasoline, the employee should use the next higher octane gasoline available.  Denote on the receipt for using  the higher octane fuel and keep the receipt.  If problems occur with the Fuelman transactions, the locations should contact the 24 –Hour Fuelman Helpdesk at 1.800.966.9013.


Fuelman has automated  the following TDOT locations:  Knoxville, Johnson City, Morristown, Newport, Lafollette, Harriman, Chattanooga, Ducktown, Gainesboro, Crossville, Cookeville, Nashville, Erin, Lawrenceburg, Lewisburg, McEwen, Clarksville, Gallatin, Jackson,  Arlington, McKenzie, Bethel Springs, and Newbern.  Regular unleaded gasoline and number 2 diesel  (low sulfur) are available at these locations.  The pumps are card activated, but no receipt will be generated.  Quarts of motor oil are still issued by the garage storekeeper.

  1. Fully insert and remove orange and white employee card from the Fuelman card reader
  2. Key in pump number and press the enter key
  3. Key in 3 digit PIN number and press enter key
  4. Fully insert and remove the silver vehicle card from the Fuelman card reader
  5. Key in the current vehicle odometer reading and press enter key.  DO NOT KEY IN TENTHS!
  6. Fuel vehicle and simply put fuel nozzle back on pump.  No receipt will be given

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