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Construction Division

James K. Polk Building, Suite 700
505 Deaderick Street
Nashville, Tennessee 37243
Phone: 615.741.2414
Fax: 615.741.0782

Will Reid
Will Reid

The Construction Division is responsible for preparing proposals and letting to contract all TDOT transportation highway and bridge projects. Contract administration on TDOT projects and writing TDOT specifications and special provisions are also the responsibility of this division. The Construction Division is also responsible for the pre-qualification of all contractors that perform TDOT projects. The division also approves all first tier subcontracts for our road and bridge construction.


New HQ Construction Newsletter

The monthly newsletter featuring news and information from HQ Construction and regional news. Click Here to Read the April 2015 News Letter.



January 1, 2015 Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction

Hard copies are in. To order your new 2015 Spec Book fill out the electronic form and send it in.


For a downloadable electronic version of the 2015 Standard Specifications click here.  The 2015 Standard Specifications are in the process of being printed and will be available in a few weeks.

Revised Subcontract Forms 10/8/14

The subcontract form has been revised on 10/8/14 to tract the Go DBE, Certified Small Business. Please start using the new forms located on the Construction Forms page. Click Here.

Subcontractors Bidders List

Starting with the July 12, 2013 Letting: The apparent low bidder for each project must provide a list of all subcontractors who provided a quote to perform work.  The list shall be provided electronically on the TDOT form “Certification Regarding Subcontractor Bid Quotes” (Bidders List).  The apparent low bidder shall submit this form before the close of business (4:30 PM, Central Time) five (5) calendar days after the date on which bids are required to be submitted (e.g., if bids are required to be submitted on a Friday, then the completed form is due by 4:30 PM on the following Wednesday).  Emergency contracts will not require a bidders list.  Failure to complete and submit this form within the time period required may result in the rejection of the bid. 


New Plans Cost

Effective with the April 2013 Letting the price of plans will change. For a list of the new plans cost click here.


Expedite Bid Upgrade

(August 9, 2012)

Tennessee is now using Expedite Bid version 5.11a. All bidders will need to upgrade to 5.11a before bidding on the September 14, 2012 letting. To upgrade Click Here. If you have any question or need assitance contact Chris Hampton at (615)741-3542 or


Standard Utility Items

To see a list of the new Standard Utility Items Click Here.


Attention: Licensing of Prime Contractors

Please be aware that TDOT now requires all PRIME contractors (except mowing and litter removal contractors) to be licensed with the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance, Board for Licensing Contractors.   This requirement is effective with the August 3, 2012 letting. 

Contractors will not be required to have a license to bid, however, prior to recommending award of the Contract, TDOT will confirm that the lowest responsible bidder is licensed.  The Contractor will be considered for award for twenty-one (21) days after the letting date (bid submittal).  If the contractor does not have a license, on or before the 21 days, the contractor will be considered non-responsive, and the next lowest responsible bidder will be considered for award. 

It is recommended that all PRIME Contractors who are not currently licensed and intend to bid on future projects begin the process to obtain their contractor’s license. 

For more information on obtaining a Contractor’s License please visit the Board for Licensing Contractors website at the following:


**NOTICE: Title 48 of Tenn. Code Ann.**

Title 48 of Tenn. Code Ann. requires all contractors and subcontractors that are domestic or foreign Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, Limited Partnerships, or Limited Liability Partnerships to be in good standing with the Secretary of State. This includes being duly incorporated, authorized to transact business, and/or in compliance with other requirements as detailed by the Secretary of State. Please contact the Secretary of State should you have any questions at (615) 741-2286  or visit .

Effective immediately, TDOT will not execute any contracts or approve subcontracts with contractors that are domestic or foreign Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, Limited Partnerships, or Limited Liability Partnerships, who are not in good standing with the Secretary of State (i.e. have a valid Certificate of Existence/Authorization).


Unbalanced Bidding

All potential bidders should read the attached memorandum regarding the TDOT policy and specifications for unbalanced bid items.


Employee Safety and Health Program

Effective the MARCH 19, 2010 letting, the Contractor must submit a certification that their company has an Employee Safety and Health Program (ESHP).  The certification shall be presented at the preconstruction meeting and no work shall begin until the certification is submitted.  The ESHP shall be in accordance with the following requirements:  Contractor Employee Safety and Health Program (Revised 1/6/2010)

For additional Safety training information visit the Tennessee Occupational Health and Safety Administration (TOSHA) website at:

Other safety links:


Bid Authorization

Effective the September 18, 2009 letting, the Bid Authorization Form must be submitted by e-mail to in order to bid on contracts.  Bidders will receive an e-mail confirmation upon receipt of the form. Also effective this letting, Bid Express should not accept bids from unauthorized bidders and should display the following message when the bid is submitted: "Error submitting the bid. You are not listed as an eligible bidder for the contract. Your request could not be processed." The Bid Authorization Form must be completed and filed with TDOT before 4:00 p.m. CST on the day preceding the letting to be eligible to bid. Adobe Reader 8.0 or newer is needed to use this form.


Bid Conditioning Letters

With the Department now requiring Internet bidding, a question has been raised regarding the submission of bid conditioning letters.  Bidders will be allowed to condition their bids in accordance with Subsection 102.09 of the Standard Specifications by mailing, faxing or e-mailing a conditioning letter to the Construction Division.  Letters sent via e-mail should be sent to the following address:  The letter must be on company letterhead, signed by an authorized signatory of the company and in the Department’s possession prior to 10:00 A.M. on the date of the letting.  The letter will be posted on the Internet as soon as possible after the bid opening.


Bid Results

Effective the February 6, 2009 letting, TDOT requires all bids to be submitted electronically through BidExpress.  As a result of the electronic bidding, TDOT is able to post all bid results immediately after all the bids have been received.  TDOT will continue to have a public bid opening.  However, effective the May 1, 2009 letting, the bids will not be read aloud, but rather the bids will be printed and distributed to all participants at the bid opening and the results immediately posted on the TDOT Construction Division website for public review.