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The files presented here are FOR INFORMATION ONLY.  If the information in these files should differ from the information in the printed Proposal furnished by the Department,  then the printed Proposals will govern. All files are in Portable Document Format (PDF) If you have difficulty accessing any material on this site, please contact us at (615)741-2414 and we will work with you to make the information available. 


102B         Unbalanced Bids
102I Employing and Contracting with Illegal Immigrants
105E Section-105 Control of Work (Critical Path Method)
105P         Partnering
106A         Buy America Requirements
107AQ Air Quality For Mowing
107CS Nesting Sites of Cliff Swallows and Barn Swallows
107FP Water Quality & Storm Water Permits
107L Potentially Acid Producing Materials
109A         Payment Adjustment for Fuel
109B         Price Adjustment for Bituminous Material
109MA Mowing Payment Adjustment for Fuel
1230         Equal Employment Opportunity
1231         Standard Federal Equal Employment Opportunity
1232         Notice of Requirement for Affirmative Action to Ensure
1240         Training Program Requirements
1246         Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Participation
1247         DBE Contract Goals
1273         Required Contract Provisions (Federal-Aid Construction) 
1275         Certification Regarding Debarment, Suspension, and Other
1280         Labor (State Projects Only)
1290         Non-Discrimination in Employment
1320         Tennessee Department of Transportation Minimum Wage Scales
202ACM Removal of Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM)
203E Scaling And Trimming
204CG Compaction Grouting
204DC Drilled Caissons
205A         Embankment (Compacted in Place)
205RSS Reinforced Soil Slopes
406HFST High Friction Surface Treatments (HFST)
407DEN Bituminous Plant Mix Roadway Density
407IC Intelligent Compaction (IC) For Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA)
407SE Asphalt Pavement Safety Edge
411B         Section 411-Asphalt Concrete Surface (Hot Mix)
411C         Section 411-Asphalt Concrete Surface (Hot Mix)
501C        Full Depth And Partial Depth Concrete Pavement Repair (High Early Strenght)
502A         Full Depth and Partial Depth Concrete Pavement Repair
502J         Cleaning and Resealing Transverse and Longitudinal
503          Grinding Concrete Pavement
503DB Dowel Bar Retrofitting
602          Section 602 - Steel Structures (Inspection Cost Only)
604CR        Repair of Bridge Deck Cracks
604HD Bridge Deck Preparation, Repair & Concrete Overlay, using Hydrodemolition
607CS        Three Sided Pre-Cast Culvert Structures
607G         Slip Lining of Roadway Culverts with Polyethylene
610HD Horizontal Drain Installation
624 Retaining Walls
625 Drill Shaft Specifications
700SIG Highway Signs, Luminaires, & Traffic Signals
706A         Guardrail Repair
707D Rockfall Slope Drape
707H Rockfall Barrier Systems
712B         Traffic Control Supervisor
712PTQ Traffic Queue Protection
716IPA Profiled Thermoplastic Pavement Marking Audible (4 inch and 6 inch)
716PBS Peformance Based Pavement Marking Installation
716WR Wet Reflective Pavement Marking Line
719A Removal And Disposal of Litter
806          Rights-of-Way Mowing
AA-FED RATES Federal Wage Rates
AA-ST RATES State Wage Rates