For immediate release
March 31, 2009
  Print Release

The Tennessee Department of Transportation has selected the following firms to provide professional services for the following items as described in the December 7, 2008, advertisement:

  1. On-Call Contracts for Photogrammetric and Mapping Services.  For program management purposes, selected firms may be issued work orders for photogrammetric and mapping tasks over a two year period.  All mapping files shall be delivered in Microstation™ file format in accordance with the Department’s Computer Aided Drafting Standards.  The scope of work may include all or parts of the following: 
    1. Activities necessary for providing digital and analog mapping services including ground control, flight planning, photo acquisition, digital terrain modeling, and topographic mapping,

    2. Photographic production/reproduction services including developing, printing, and scanning to electronic files,

    3. Digital orthographic rectification of photographic images, and

    4. Other related services supporting the production of maps including Light Distancing and Ranging (LiDAR) and other remote sensing services.

Continental Mapping Consultants Inc.


Sanborn Map Company

Wiser Company

2.  On-Call Contracts for Field Surveys: Firms are needed to perform field surveys and other professional surveying related activities on a continuing two (2)-year contractual basis.  Surveys shall be completed and submitted to the Department in accordance with the TDOT Survey Manual and the Design Division’s computer Aided Drafting Standards.

Adams & Company Surveyors Inc.

Barge Waggoner Sumner & Cannon Inc.

Civil Design Group Inc.

Long Engineering Inc.

Robert G. Campbell & Associates

Thornton & Associates Inc.

THY Inc.

W. H. Porter Consultants