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April 13, 2009
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The Tennessee Department of Transportation has selected the following firms to provide Construction Engineering Inspection and Surveying Services as described in the January 18, 2009 Advertisement.

Project No. 1 
SR-66 widening from north of Nichols Street to SR-338 in Sevier Co.

MacTec Engineering and Consulting, Inc.
                        Thompson Engineering.
                        Mattern & Craig, Inc.
                        K.S. Ware, (DBE)

Project No. 2 

  1. McKellar Drive bridge replacement over Little Duck River in Coffee Co.
  2. SR-2 bridge over Duck River (L.M. 12.72) in Coffee Co.

Khafra, (DBE)
                        Moreland Altobelli 
                        Wilber Smith & Associates         
                        Thornton & Associates, (DBE)

Project No. 3

  1. I-40 interchange modification (phase 2) at Briley Pky/Robertson Ave. in Davidson Co.
  2. Briley Pky/Robertson Ave. bridge replacement over I-40 in Davidson Co.

PB Americas, Inc.
                        K.S. Ware, (DBE)   
                        Long Engineering, Inc., (DBE)   
                        Gresham Smith and Partners
                        Connico, Inc., (DBE)

Project No. 4
SR-15 reconstruction from Old Highway 64 to Little Fortyeight Ck. Rd. in Wayne Co.

R.W. Armstrong & Associates, Inc.      
                        K.S. Ware, (DBE)   
                        Gresham Smith and Partners    

Project No. 5
SR-253 widening from Edmondson Pk. To Sunset Rd. in Williamson Co.

Smith Seckman Reid, Inc.
                        K.S. Ware, (DBE)
                        Neel-Schaffer, Inc. 
                        L.I. Smith, (DBE)
                        Connico, Inc., (DBE)

Project No. 6
SR-171 widening from Division St. to US-70 in Wilson Co.

                        K.S. Ware, (DBE)   
                        THY, Inc., (DBE)     
                        Connico, Inc., (DBE)

Project No. 7
SR-20 reconstruction from Henderson Co. line to Bear Creek Rd. in Decatur Co.

TLM Associates, Inc.        
                        Civil Design Group           
                        Hall Blake and Associates, Inc. 

Project No. 8
I-269 (SR-385) from north of SR-57 to south of Macon Rd. in Shelby and Fayette Counties.

Allen & Hoshall, Inc.
                        THY, Inc., (DBE)
                        Hall Blake and Associates, Inc. 

Project No. 9
SR-14 widening from north of SR-206 to 1.2 miles east of SR-384 in Tipton Co.

Buchart Horn, Inc. 
                        Gresham Smith and Partners
                        Hall Blake and Associates, Inc.