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Environmental Division - Social and Cultural Resources

James K. Polk Building, Suite 900
505 Deaderick Street
Nashville, Tennessee 37243-0334
Phone: 615.741.5373
Fax: 615.741.1098

The various technical studies sections within the Social and Cultural Resources Office includes archaeologists, historians, air quality, noise and hazardous materials specialists. The section is responsible for the identification, documentation, avoidance and mitigation of potential impacts of transportation facilities on historical and archaeological resources, air quality, noise and impacts from hazardous material sites

This is a noise barrier.The staff conducts on-site data collection, coordinates with resource agencies and other TDOT divisions to minimize impacts, prepares designs and conducts follow-up monitoring for mitigation sites, and prepares reports for inclusion in environmental documents or to satisfy specific statutes. Avoidance of impacts to social and cultural resources is the initial goal of this office. When unavoidable impacts to resources occur, this office works closely with internal and external entities.

To mitigate those impacts, it often requires preserving archaeological resources, providing vegetative screening to historic properties near highway projects, and designing noise barriers for neighborhoods affected by high levels of highway noise. Understanding the community makeup, its values and goals, is crucial to implementation of a transportation facility that meets both its transportation goals but also blends into and enhances the community.

A man digs and excavates Tennessee history.

Historic Preservation Section

Hazardous Materials Section

Air & Noise Assessment Sections

Archaeology Section