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Tennessee Environmental Procedures Manual

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Purpose of Manual

The Tennessee Environmental Procedures Manual (TEPM or manual) provides guidance for the preparation of environmental analysis and documentation for federally-funded and state-funded transportation projects. Projects that are funded in whole or in part with federal funds or have major federal actions must follow the requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969, widely known as NEPA, as well as related federal and state environmental regulations. Certain state-funded transportation projects undertaken by the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) or by local governments for TDOT are subject to a state-level environmental evaluation, the Tennessee Environmental Evaluation Report (TEER).

The intended audience of this manual is the professional staff in the TDOT Environmental Division and other TDOT Divisions and consultants working on TDOT projects. Other state and local agency staff and consultants who are working on transportation projects may use the TEPM for guidance, either voluntarily or as required under TDOT's Local Government Guidelines for the Management of Federally and State Funded Transportation Projects.

While this manual is a "how-to guide," it is not intended to be the sole textbook for conducting detailed technical studies. More detailed guidance for performing specific types of studies, such as ecological studies, historic architecture, hazardous materials, air quality, noise and permits, are available from the Environmental Division's Natural Resource Office and Social and Cultural Resources Office and will soon be made available on the Environmental Division's website.