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Tennessee Environmental Procedures Manual

Chapter 1: Environmental Regulations and The Environmental Evaluation Process

1.5 Environmental Document Quality Training

To help foster consistency and standardization and ensure the overall quality of the environmental documents prepared by and on behalf of TDOT, the Environmental Division is establishing a set of training courses for its staff, consultants performing work for TDOT and local agencies preparing environmental documents for transportation projects.

This training curriculum, once completed, will cover a variety of discipline areas for the purpose of complying with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). Each training course will be designed to provide the latest regulatory requirements and updates on TDOT's process for completing NEPA documents for transportation projects.

Successful completion of several of these courses will be a requirement for consultants to be prequalified to prepare environmental documents for TDOT once the program is established. Prequalification to perform environmental services is a new element of TDOT's selection process, arising from the SDMS efforts. Only consultants who are prequalified will be eligible to be selected to work on TDOT environmental projects.

Many of the courses that will be listed in this curriculum are part of pre-developed curriculums offered by various national agencies such as the National Highway Institute and FHWA. These agencies may provide additional instructors with the appropriate perspective or training for the course being taught.

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