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Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find what you're looking for? The TDOT Services Index might help.
What do all those letters mean? Check out the list of Transportation Acronyms.

How can I get construction and incident updates?

How do I download the new TDOT SmartWay Mobile Web Application?
Click here for directions on how to download the new mobile web application.

You can also get updated construction information by calling 511. Tennessee 511 uses an automated voice response system to provide information about traffic incidents, closures and other important roadway conditions.  You can also follow TDOT on Twitter or go to our TDOT SmartWay web page. 

How can I find out about my driver license?
Contact the Tennessee Department of Safety at (615) 253-5221.

Where can I find out about my vehicle’s tag and title?
Tennessee Department of Revenueat (615) 741-3101.

How can I get a Tennessee Transportation map?
TDOT website or Click here to order the Official Tennessee Transportation Map. This map shows all major highways, cities and towns, junctions, airports and other points of interest in Tennessee.

What are the “yellow-green” trucks I see on the Interstate?
These HELP trucks respond to incidents, debris in the roadway, disabled vehicles and other issues that cause traffic congestion and related problems. Trained HELP operators work closely with law enforcement, fire fighters, emergency medical technicians and other emergency responders. HELP trucks respond only to incidents on state routes or interstates and can be found in Nashville, Knoxville, Memphis and Chattanooga. For more information: visit our HELP website.

Where can I get information about permits and trucking regulations? 
To get information on Overweight and Over-dimensional Permits please contact TDOT’s Central Services Offices at 615.741.3821. The Tennessee Department of Safety which enforces Tennessee’s trucking regulations and operates five commercial vehicle inspection sites throughout the state  may be contacted at 615-687-2326. For information about driver physicals call the TN Division of the USDOT at 615-781-5781.

Where can I get verification of employment?
Call the Human Resources Department at (615) 741-3461.

How do I report a dangerous driver?
Dial *THP (*847).

How can I report damage to my vehicle?
–Claims Administrations at (615) 741-2734.

How can I get traffic counts?
Call (615) 741-7458.

How do I get information about bids on construction projects and pre-qualifications?
Contact the Construction Division at (615) 741-2414.