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Henley - A Historic Connection

Project Details

Henley Bridge Community Center

:  Britton Bridge, LLC, Mt. Juliet, Tennessee
Original Contract Amount:   $24,696,969.47
Revised Contract Amount: $31,012,831.35
Henley Bridge Closures: Henley Bridge was closed to traffic on January 3, 2011
Henley Bridge will Open to Traffic: February 28, 2014
Project Completion in Entirety: June 3, 2014
Contract and Addendums: (pdf)  CNJ287,
Addendum 1, Addendum 2,
Addendum 3, Addendum 4

Bridge construction video/audio (WMV)

Henley Bridge - Knoxville, Tennessee



Once completed, the Henley Bridge will have two vehicle lanes in each direction, a center turn lane, wider sidewalks and a bike lane in each direction.