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Project Update

Improving 66 Facts

The speed limit is now 35 mph.
It will remain in effect for the duration of the project (April 3, 2015).

Phase 2 – Douglas Dam Road (SR-139) to south of the I-40 Interchange:

Phase 2 is Complete!

Phase 3 - Boyds Creek Highway (SR-338) to Douglas Dam Road (SR-139):

Crews are making progress throughout the project on subgrade, base stone placement for the new outside lanes, bridge widening, storm drain installation, and utility relocations. 

Pictured below, crews are spreading and compacting base stone for the new outside lanes.

Update on the Temporary Huffaker Road Closure: 

Crews have blasted solid rock within the 72” pipe trench and have been excavating for the pipe trench, as pictured below.  Utility crews have been preparing to make the proposed installations across Huffaker Road, as well.

If you have any questions regarding the project, please call us at 865.429.4509.  As always, please use extreme caution and reduce speed  through the work zone.  

Updated: 08/29/2014

  Finishing concrete for new ditch paving on Phase 3. Placing base stone for new lanes on Phase 3.
  Excavating for 72 inch pipe on Phase 3.
Installing metal bridge decking for the southbound bridge on Phase 3.
  Installing containment system to repaint the existing steel bridge beams. Drilling to blast rock for storm drain installation on Phase 3.