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I-40/I-81 Corridor Feasibility Study-From Bristol to Memphis, TN

Project Description

In 2005 TDOT completed the State’s first 25-Year Long Range Transportation Plan (PLAN Go). A major component of the 25-Year Vision Plan included the advancement of a 10-Year Strategic Investment Plan. The 10-Year Strategic Investment Plan established three interrelated core investment initiatives: Congestion Relief, Transportation Choices, and Key Corridors.

The Interstate 40/Interstate 81 (I-40/I-81) Corridor from Bristol to Memphis was identified through the statewide planning effort as a strategic statewide corridor and several projects along the corridor are included in the 10-Year Plan as a high priority. The study will identify solutions to a variety of transportation challenges and provide a list of projects that can be considered by TDOT for the department’s ten-year transportation improvement program. Projects will encompass capacity, roadway operations and maintenance, safety, freight movement, inter-modal connections, and economic access opportunities along I-40/I-81 for three time horizons: five-year (2011), ten-year (2016), and 2030.

The study area for the I-40/I-81 corridor extends from Bristol to Memphis, a distance of about 550 miles and traverses 27 of Tennessee’s 95 counties, within 9 of the 12 Rural Planning Organization (RPO) boundaries and 8 of the 11 Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) / Transportation Planning Organization (TPO) areas.