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Interstate 55/Crump Boulevard
Interchange Improvement

Project shot

A Record of Decision (ROD) was approved on January 25, 2012.

Project Description

The Interstate 55 (I-55) Interchange with Crump Boulevard currently handles most of the north and southbound I-55 traffic through Memphis, and is one of the major transit corridors of the United States, linking New Orleans, Memphis, St. Louis, and Chicago. It accommodates large amounts of personal automobile and commercial truck traffic. The current configuration of the I-55 interchange is structurally deficient, out of date, and creates multiple safety and efficiency problems. TDOT proposes to make improvements to the interchange design to solve these issues.

The purpose of the proposed project is to resolve safety and capacity issues at the I-55 at the Crump Boulevard interchange. Benefits of the project include reduced congestion, reduced number of crashes, and restored interstate route continuity. Alternatives have been developed to address the problems currently faced at this interchange.

A truck!
Southbound traffic on Interstate 55.