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Overall Purpose of I-69

(From the Feb. 7, 2000, "I-69 Corridor 18 Special Environmental Study")

Corridor 18 was designated by Congress as a High Priority Corridor of National Significance in the ISTEA.  It also has been described as a "North American trade route," and "international trade route," and a "NAFTA corridor."  Congress also has passed legislation that designates the extension of Corridor 18 from Indianapolis to the Lower Rio Grande Valley as I-69.

A steering committee consisting of representatives of eight state departments of transportation and the Federal Highway Administration has directed the analyses for Corridor 18 and I-69.  In recognition of the important role I-69 can play, the steering committee adopted this statement of overall purpose:

To improve international and Interstate trade in accordance with national and state goals; to facilitate economic development in accordance with state, regional, and local policies, plans, and surface transportation consistent with national, state, regional, local needs and with Congressional designation of the corridor.