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Office of Local Programs Development

Project Types Eligible for 100% Federal Funding

  1. Traffic control signalization-does not include geometric improvements or turn lanes
  2. Safety rest areas*
  3. Pavement marking
  4. Commuter carpooling and vanpooling, not marketing
  5. Rail-highway crossing closure
  6. Installation of traffic signs
  7. Guardrail installation
  8. Impact attenuators installation
  9. Concrete barrier end treatments
  10. Breakaway utility poles
  11. Priority control systems for emergency vehicles or transit vehicles at signalized intersections

*The term “safety rest area” means an area where motor vehicle operators can park their vehicles and rest, where food, fuel, and lodging services are not available, and that is located on a segment of highway with respect to which the Secretary determines there is a shortage of public and private areas at which motor vehicle operators can park their vehicles and rest. Where a signalization project includes geometric improvements and/or turn lanes, the additional work will be funded at 80% federal.