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Local Programs Development Office

Reimbursement Guidance

The Local Programs Development Office provides reimbursements to local agencies upon receiving a request for reimbursement for eligible project expenses. At the time of submittal of the Initiation Packet (Form 3-1 in the Local Government Guidelines Manual) to the TDOT Local Programs Development Office, the local government must submit documentation (the DUNS and Authorized Signature Form found in Form 3-1) from an appropriate fiscal officer. These forms are required for all Local Programs projects reimbursements. Reimbursement requests must be submitted at least quarterly, if not monthly.

Mandatory Cover Pages

With the release of the 2014 Edition of the Local Government Guidelines Manual, the cover pages for reimbursement requests have been revised. These forms are mandatory and reimbursement requests sent in without them will be returned. The new forms can be found on the Forms and Documents webpage in the Chapter 9 section or via the links below:

Additional Information

For further guidance, refer to Chapter 9 of the LGG Manual.  Adobe PDF
For questions, please contact Matt Burcham at 615-532-4416.