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Long Range Planning Division - Mapping & Roadway Inventory Data

GIS, City and County Mapping and Roadway Inventory Data Collection Section

Mr. John Hicks – GIS Technician Manager 1 in the GIS Mapping and Facilities Data Office is responsible for overseeing the creation and maintenance of digital county maps for all 95 counties in the State of Tennessee, as well as the creation and maintenance of city maps for the 347 incorporated cities in the State. Additionally, this section is responsible for collecting roadway inventory data on the highways, roads, and streets in Tennessee. Roadway lengths, surface condition breaks, geometrics of the road, land use, and many other features of the road are collected. The inventory personnel also collect GPS (Global Positioning System) roadway centerline data. Lastly, the section is responsible for building and maintaining the GIS spatial network of roads in the State of Tennessee. All interstates, state highways, functionally classified routes and local roads have been collected, processed, and built into the spatial network.

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