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Long Range Planning Division

GIS Facilities Data (TRIMS) Section

(Tennessee Roadway Information Management System)

map of Tennessee

Jeff Murphy is the Information Systems Manager in the GIS Mapping and Facilities Data Office over the GIS Facilities Data (TRIMS) Section. TRIMS stands for Tennessee Roadway Information Management System. The Tennessee Roadway Information Management System is an Oracle database application which enables TDOT to capture, maintain, and view critical roadway data. The TRIMS application provides users with a view of roadway data, traffic, bridges, crashes, railroad grade crossings, pavement conditions and photolog digital images. The photolog images are digital roadway photographs taken of all interstates and state routes. TRIMS photolog images provide the user the ability to virtually "drive down" a Tennessee State Highway. The TRIMS application provides the ability to display roadway data in a graphical format on a Tennessee State map. From the map, users are able to identify key features and view pertinent data, photolog images, and documents to which the feature is associated.

Data Request Forms:
TRIMS Data Request Form
TRIMS Photolog Request Form
Distribution Liability Policy
Alphabetical List of Tennessee Counties