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Maintenance Division: "EXHIBIT A"

Suite 400 James K. Polk Bldg.
Nashville, TN 37243
Phone: (615) 253-2899
Fax: (615) 532-5995
Timothy Colvett, Civil Engineering Manager 1


The following items where applicable are eligible for reimbursement by the State to the Municipalities under our Standard Maintenance Agreement:


401 Spot Patching
402 Crack Pouring
403 Continuous Patching
406 Surface Replacement
410 Spot Patching (PCC)
411 Concrete Patching
412 Joint Repair
415 Surface Treatment Patching
419 Other Surface
420 Spot Patch Shoulders
421 Continuous Patch Shoulders
425 Grade Shoulders
427 Patch Gravel Shoulders
429 Other Shoulder
435 Machine Mowing on medians (Also back of curbs or shoulders on C.A.*)
441 Litter Removal on medians (Also back of curbs or shoulders on C.A.*)
446 Mechanical Roadway Sweeping
447 Manual Roadway Sweeping
449 Other Roadway: Debris, Trees, etc., removal from Roadway surface only
460 Plow Snow
461 Spread Chemicals on Roadway Surface for Snow and Ice Removal
470 Pavement Markings

*C.A. – Control of Access Highways

The following items are the responsibility of the Municipalities and are not eligible for State maintenance reimbursement.

  1. Crosswalk striping
  2. Mowing right-of-way back of curbs or shoulder line on non C.A.*
  3. Litter from right-of-way back of curbs or shoulder lines on non C.A.*
  4. Storm drainage
  5. Traffic control signs and signals
  6. Street lighting
  7. Street name signs

*C.A. – Control of Access Highways


  1. Major resurfacing when generally required will be performed by the Tennessee Department of Transportation as a construction project, in accordance with a program developed after consultation with the municipalities.

  2. The Department of Transportation will furnish and maintain route markers through the Municipalities.

  3. The Department of Transportation assumes responsibility for maintaining everything inside right-of-way fences on the Interstate System of Defense Highways with its own forces, except lighting systems. (Chapter 54-552, Tennessee Code Annotated.