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Materials and Tests Division - Administration

6601 Centennial Boulevard
Nashville, TN 37243 0360
phone (615) 350-4100
fax (615) 350-4128

TDOT on Centennial WayThe Administrative Section of Materials & Tests Division supports all aspects of the division. The clerical staff is responsible for the receiving, charging, and filing of test results for Federal and State contracts. The personnel coordinator handles all personnel/insurance issues and the purchasing coordinator handles all equipment and supply purchases for the division.

General Information

  • All material samples submitted for testing must be accompanied by the appropriate completed forms.
    • To find the correct form for your sample click here.
    • To get a copy of a laboratory test result click here.
  • To become a state vendor and provide your products to state agencies you must first complete an application and submit it to the General Services-Purchasing Division.
    • For an application to become a state vendor click here.

  • To apply for a job with TDOT, you must first fill out a state application and submit it to the state personnel office.