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Materials & Tests Division - Geotechnical Engineering Section

6601 Centennial Boulevard
Nashville, TN 37243 0360
phone (615) 350-4130
fax (615) 350-4128

Geotechnical Consultant Information

  1. General Guidelines for the Soils and Geological Survey Report This file, in pdf format, lays out some of the general guidelines for performing soils and geological surveys for TDOT projects.

    Geotechnical Report Manual - File Size 2.75 MB
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  2. Standard Cost Estimate/Invoice Worksheet
    This Excel 2003 worksheet provides a standard cost estimate and invoicing sheets to be used for TDOT projects. This is a blank worksheet that contains macros.

    Cost Estimate and Invoice Form.xls - File Size 267 KB
    Version 3.3, 3/18/10
    You must have Excel 2003 or later to view this document.

  3. Consultant Performance Evaluation (PDF)

    This file is a pdf that shows the performance evaluation filled out by the Geotechnical Engineering Section for projects completed by consultants under the supervision of the GES. It includes the performance criteria as well as the basis for the rating. Ratings for "Project Management" criteria and "Quality and Accuracy" criteria are averaged, with a maximum possible score of 4.0.

  4. Potentially Acid Producing Rock Documents – these include Special Provision 107L, and a set of guidance “design drawings” used for encapsulation and blending design on projects.