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Materials & Tests Division - Laboratory Operations - Physical Testing Laboratory

Office Hours: 7:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. CST
Phone: (615) 350-4181
Fax: (615) 350-4293

Working in the lab.The function of the Physical Testing Laboratory is to perform verification tests for the physical properties of various materials used on state highway construction projects. This lab generates numerous test results, breaking over 25,000 cylinders each year.

The materials are submitted statewide from producers, manufacturers, contractors and regional field inspectors. The most popular samples submitted for testing include:

  • Cement - compressive strength of cement mortar.
  • Water for Concrete - a comparison of the given water and distilled water is obtained by conducting various cement tests using the same cement standard to determine water quality.
  • Concrete Cylinders - determination of compressive strength of cylindrical specimens prepared and cured according to AASHTO specifications for quality control.
  • Curing Compound - accepted on manufacturers certification.
  • Concrete Cores - verification check for design thickness and compressive strength.
  • Reinforced Concrete Pipe - absorption and compressive strength test.
  • Cable - accepted on manufacturers certification of compliance.
  • Working in the lab.Gray Iron Castings - tension and/or transverse test for strength.
  • Reinforcement Bars - tensile strength with manufacturers certification.
  • Wire Fabric - tensile strength with manufacturers certification.
  • Sewer Brick - percent absorption and compressive strength.
  • Coarse Aggregate - quality tests for field use soundness, absorption, specific gravity and wear.
  • Fine Aggregate - quality test for field use soundness and specific gravity.
  • Pre-stressed Concrete - accepted on manufacturers certification.