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Material & Tests Division - Information for Local Programs/Governments

6601 Centennial Boulevard
Nashville, Tennessee 37243
Phone:  (615) 350-4100
Fax:  (615) 350-4128

As stated in the Local Government (LG) contract with TDOT,  materials tests charges/department oversight charges are the responsibility of the Local Governments.
This includes all required acceptance, assurance and verification testing.

All Material & Tests requirements can be found in Section 8:3 of the Local Government Guidelines Manual.

All required testing of materials will be invoiced directly to the LG along with a copy of the test reports for payment. Furthermore, when a LG utilizes the TDOT laboratory or certified personnel as a third party for acceptance testing, independent assurance testing, verification testing, or mix design approval they will also be invoiced for payment.

Material testing invoices will be sent at the end of each month or upon completion of a project to the Local Government responsible for the project.

The Local Government Contact Info Form is to be filled out at the beginning of each project by the Local Government representative to indicate where the invoices should be sent and who the responsible party is regarding material testing and sent to or the Material & Tests Division address listed above.

Upon Completion of a Project please send a copy of the Completion Notice to along with your normal distribution.

The Local Programs Materials Certification Form should also be filled out by the CEI or LG at the end of the project to verify that the results of the test(s) on acceptance samples indicate that the materials incorporated into the construction work and the construction operations controlled by sampling and testing, conform in substance with the approved plans and specifications.
This form should be sent to the Local Programs Development Office.

For more information regarding invoicing or materials testing/charges please contact the Materials & Tests Division’s Administration office at 615-350-4100 or e-mail

For any other Local Program information please visit TDOT’s Local Programs website at