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Materials & Tests Division - Research & Product Evaluation

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National Transportation Product Evaluation Program (NTPEP)

This a car impacting construction barriers.The National Transportation Product Evaluation Program (NTPEP) was established in early 1994 as an engineering technical service program to pool the professional and physical resources of AASHTO's member departments to test transportation materials of their common interest. NTPEP seeks to eliminate duplication of testing among the nation's state highway agencies by providing industry with a one-stop shopping for product evaluation. The program is guided by the NTPEP Oversight Committee which is made up of representatives from the 52 AASHTO member departments which include the 50 states, Washington, DC and Puerto Rico. There are member delegates on behalf of industry through assignment by their respective associations. the NTPEP Oversight Committee established project panels, committees of experts in each evaluation area who develop a work plan which describes the testing and evaluation protocols. AASHTO member departments perform the evaluations and are reimbursed by AASHTO/NTPEP from the testing fees collected from manufacturers and suppliers who submit products for evaluation. NTPEP then provides results in the form of NTPEP evaluation reports to all AASHTO member departments to use in their own prequalification or acceptance practices. It should be noted that AASHTONTPEP has no authority over state highway agency prequalification procedures. However, the NTPEP Oversight Committee does give advice and guidance for best use of NTPEP data that is generated. In the NTPEP reports, it is important to know that AASHTO/NTPEP does not accept or reject materials and it does not recommend or endorse any product over another.

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