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Transportation Facts

Transportation is so basic that many people overlook its enormous importance in everyday life. Nearly every item used in homes, workplaces and schools requires a large complex transportation network. TDOT has a responsibility for a multi-modal transportation system that includes:

Highways and Bridges

  14,150 miles of roadway
    1,073 miles of interstate
    13,077 miles of state roads
8,112 state-owned bridges
11,407 locally-owned bridges
19 interstate rest areas
13 interstate welcome centers
9 truck weigh stations
Tennessee's Most Traveled Roadways:  2002 (pdf)
    20 shortline railroads operating on 810 miles of rail
6 major rail lines operating on 2,340 miles of rail
Aeronautics Public Transit
  75 public/general aviation airports
6 commercial airports
126 heliports (115 affiliated with     medical facilities, eight that can be used for medical purposes and three that are for non-medical purposes)
24 transit (bus, van and light rail)  systems serving all 95 Tennessee's  counties
Transportation Management   Bicycle/Pedestrian
  One Transportation Management Center in  Nashville, with plans underway to construct additional centers in  Chattanooga, Knoxville and Memphis     5 regional bicycle tours totaling 690 miles
  One 500-mile cross-state bicycle tour
  Highway emergency patrols in all four major urban areas     8,500 roadway miles with 4-foot shoulders to accommodate bicycles
        150 miles of greenways, sidewalks and trails
    888 main channel miles of navigable rivers
What TDOT Doesn't Do:  
TDOT does not handle driver's licenses, titling of vehicles or tag renewals. Those  matters are managed by the Tennessee Department of Safety.