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Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) Grants

Project Sponsor (pdf) Grant
Knoxville Regional Transportation Planning Organization Smart Trips Ridesharing
City of Chattanooga Chattanooga Regional ITS Phase 2:
Advanced Transportation Management Systems Project
Knoxville Regional Transportation Planning Organization Bike Parking Program
City of Chattanooga Protected Bike Lanes
Tennessee Department of Transportation TDOT HELP Truck Program $4,440,000
Memphis Light, Gas, and Water Division Memphis Heavy Duty CNG Truck Deployment
UTK Institute for a Secure and Sustainable Environment (ISSE) Reducing Emissions with UPS and Autogas $426,619
City of Sevierville Sevier County Tourist Corridor Traffic Flow Improvement Project$445,750
UTK Institute for a Secure and Sustainable Environment (ISSE) DHL – Driving Autogas Use for a Cleaner Metro Knoxville $44,112
Knox County Knox County Traffic Signal Coordination Project $105,500
Sevier County Utility District (SCUD) Improved Air Quality Through Replacement of Diesel Vehicles with CNG Vehicles$103,200
City of Memphis Traffic Signal Equipment Replacement $610,000
Knox County Knox County Advanced Traffic Management System – Phase 1$1,428,000
City of Oak Ridge Oak Ridge Signal Timing Optimization Program $237,500
City of Murfreesboro Middle Tennessee Boulevard Roadway Improvement Project $670,488
Town of Farragut Town of Farragut Traffic Signal Improvement Project $258,000
City of Portland Portland Citywide Signal Timing Optimization Program $73,400
Lenoir City Lenoir City Intelligent Transportation System: Signal System Design $1,333,500
Montgomery County Cumberland River Waterway Intermodal Facility 1,000,000
City of Memphis The Main to Main Multimodal Connector Project $1,657,000
City of Clarksville Cleaner Buses for Clarksville Transit System $1,610,775
City of Gatlinburg Gatlinburg CNG Powered Trolley $188,000
Nashville Metropolitan Transit Authority Electric Buses for Downtown Music City Circuit - Nashville $1,600,000
Memphis Area Transit Authority Agricenter Park-and-Ride $20,000
Memphis Area Transit Authority Greenline Park and Ride $20,000
Chattanooga Area Regional Transit Authority (CARTA) CARTA Enterprise South Transit New Service Route $1,732,880
Memphis Area Transit Authority (MATA) Route 34 Express $212,001
Nashville Regional Transit Authority (RTA) Expanded Transit Service From Clarksville $274,758
Memphis Area Transit Authority (MATA) I-40 Corridor Circulator $408,000
Memphis Area Transit Authority (MATA) Shelby Farms Shuttle $180,000
Nashville Regional Transit Authority (RTA) New Service From Dickson $410,575