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Office of Strategic Planning

James K. Polk Building, Suite 300
505 Deaderick Street
Nashville, TN 37243
Phone: 615.532.3507
Fax: 615.532.5988

Patsy Mimms
Patsy Mimms

The Office of Strategic Planning reports to the Operational Efficiency Division. The Office is responsible for researching and identifying the strategic challenges, opportunities and risks that may impact TDOT’s ability to effectively meet its mission and provides support for implementation of agency strategic priorities and improvements.

The Office of Strategic Planning currently has six lines of business defined to carry out our mission:

  • Strategic Planning and Process Management –Provide and manage an inclusive planning process that assists leadership in defining and achieving the purpose and future direction of the organization.  
  • Business Planning – Provide assistance to work groups in defining their activities, risks and performance measures to focus their efforts toward a common mission and to support the department’s strategic direction.
  • Performance Measurement – Manage TDOT’s performance measurement framework and tools to assist management in developing a balanced set of performance measures that provide data for fact-based decision making.
  • Special Studies and Research – Conduct research and analysis on emerging transportation and organizational issues and prepare reports with recommendations for leadership action.
  • Management Consulting – Provide tools and assistance to help plan and implement new departmental programs or initiatives and to help improve TDOT products and services.
  • Education and Outreach – Strengthen employees understanding of TDOT’s priorities and future plans and facilitate communication between employees and leadership.