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Office of Strategic Planning

TDOT has adopted a strategic management approach that focuses on positioning the organization to effectively fulfill its mission both now and in the future.  It combines strategic planning with effective management practices. Strategic management is increasingly important at TDOT due to the complex and rapidly changing environment in which we operate.  The demand and need for transportation services by citizens continue to grow while human and capital resources are declining or static.

Strategic management calls for an on-going process where resources, results, critical issues, trends, and citizen needs are systematically reviewed to help us evaluate and reset priorities. TDOT's strategic management approach includes the following:

Strategic Planning

TDOT Strategic Direction  - sets forth those strategic areas on which the agency will focus to continue effectively meeting its mission and to prepare and position itself for the future

Tennessee 25-Year Transportation Plan -  a new long-term vision for
transportation in Tennessee is being created.  To find out more, click here.

Customer Focus

TDOT Customer Survey  -  understanding the satisfaction levels and the priorities of our customers is integral to the planning and improvement of our state transportation services and facilities.   Conducting a customer survey provides a systematic, objective method for TDOT to:

(1) assess perceptions of travel and mobility in Tennessee and
(2) obtain feedback and input on what transportation issues and services are most important to our customers.  

  • 2013 Survey –  results for TDOT’s most recent survey to be  available spring 2014.
  • 2006 Survey –  TDOT conducted its first statewide customer survey in 2006.

Customer-Focused Government (CFG) in Tennessee –  providing the best service at the lowest possible cost is a priority of Tennessee state government.  For data on state agency key priorities and goals go to Customer Focused Government Monthly Results


Performance Measurement and Analysis

TDOT Performance Measurement Framework - provides a structured approach to the systematic assessment of progress and results.  TDOT’s performance measurement framework, established in 2004, identifies five key performance categories to enable a balanced assessment of organizational performance.   The five key perspectives are:

  • Customer - focuses on overall customer service and satisfaction.
  • Financial - considers TDOT’s budget and funding information, returns on investments, and efforts to reduce or contain costs.
  • Organizational Effectiveness - focuses on effectiveness of key internal processes, use of innovative technology and management practices, productivity, and efficiency.
  • Transportation System - assesses the performance of the statewide transportation system with a focus on the operation, preservation, and maintenance of the system.
  • Workforce - focuses on the quality of the workplace environment and TDOT’s capability to achieve its mission and strategic direction. 

MAP-21 Performance Management – federal surface transportation system legislation focuses on establishing a set of national performance goals and measures.  For more information go to:

Process Improvement

LEAN – a process improvement philosophy and a set of tools which help agencies focus on business processes to maximize customer value while minimizing roadblocks.  TDOT is incorporating LEAN methodology into its on-going efforts to review and improve processes and operations across the agency.  Click here to learn more information about LEAN in Tennessee state government.

Results Reporting

TDOT Performance Measurement Report (TMR) -  Summarizes annual results for the department’s key performance measures in strategic and operational areas

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