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Office of Strategic Planning

2013 TDOT Statewide Customer Survey

The Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) completed a statewide customer survey in January 2014.  The key objectives of the survey were to (1) assess satisfaction levels with the quality and services of our state transportation system and (2) help identify and prioritize the transportation services and improvements that are most important to Tennesseans.

The comprehensive survey consisted of four major components: (1) a Resident Survey, (2) an Elected Official Survey, (3) a Partner Survey, and (4) a Benchmarking Survey with the eight states that border Tennessee.

The survey was administered from November 4 – January 15 by ETC Institute,  a national market research firm selected through the state competitive Request for Proposal (RFP) process.

Of the 8,000 Tennessee households selected at random to receive the Resident survey, 2,729 residents responded.  A total of 333 elected officials, including city mayors, county mayors and members of the Tennessee General Assembly, participated in the Elected Official survey.  In addition, 454 responses to the Partner Survey were received; the partner survey was sent to a wide cross-section of planning partners including city managers/administrators, street superintendents, county highway superintendents, rural and metropolitan transportation planning committee members, transit providers, Tennessee development districts and freight advisory committee members.

Survey results are provided below in both an executive summary and comprehensive report version.  A copy of the survey instrument is included in each survey report.

Please contact the TDOT Office of Strategic Planning at (615) 532-3507 for questions or additional information regarding the survey.