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Statewide Transportation Studies

James K. Polk Building, Suite 1000,
505 Deaderick Street
Nashville, Tennessee 37243-0344
Phone: 615.741.2208
Fax: 615.532.0353

Statewide Transportation Studies

Information on PDF Files - All documents on this web page are in PDF format. Many of the Planning Studies are large files.

The Project Coordination and Investigation Office has statewide responsibility for producing a variety of planning studies for State, Federal and Local highways. The types of studies include: Transportation Planning Reports, Interchange Justification/Modification Studies, and Bridge Replacement Studies.

County Route Termini (PDF file) Report Type
Anderson SR-170 From SR-62 to SR-9 TPR
Benton Local Route 0911
Lower Big Sandy Road
Bridge over Ramble Creek at L.M. 15.72 TIR
Benton Local Route OA439 Fern Ave. Bridge over Cane Creek Log Mile 1.26 TPR
Blount SR-115 (US-129) Intersection with Louisville Road TPR
Bradley I-75 At APD 40 (SR 311/ US 74/ US 64 Bypass) TPR
Bradley/McMinn SR 2 (US-11) From SR 308 in Charleston (Bradley Co.) to State Route 39 (McMinn Co.) TPR
Carroll Local Route A300
(Auction Lane)
Bridge over Rutherford Fork Obion River TPR
Campbell Local Route 01282 Bridge over Davis Branch Log Mile 5.00 TPR
Campbell Local Route 0A622 Bridge over CSX Railroad  Log Mile 0.27 TPR
Campbell Local Route 0A622 Bridge over Davis Branch Log Mile 5.27 TPR
Campbell SR 297 SR-297 Bridge over Elk Fork Creek TPR
Cheatham SR-49 SR-12 to Interstate 24
Cheatham SR-249 From South of I-40 to SR-249/Layton Hills Road
Chester Local Route 1679 Bridge over Jacks Creek


SR-22 From SR 69 to SR 100
Clay 0A053 Bridge over Proctor Branch TPR
Clay Brimstone Creek Rd. Bridge over Brimstone Creek
Coffee Kennedy Drive From SR 55 to SR 2 TPR
Coffee Manchester Bypass From SR 55 to SR 2 TPR
Cocke I-40 I-40 at O'Neil Rd. IJS
Crockett Local Route OA308
County Line Rd.
Bridge over Branch TIR
Crockett Local Route OA170
Kinner Rd.
Bridge over Branch TIR
Cumberland Local Route OA158 Sequatchie Lane Bridge over Sequatchie River TPR
Davidson/Robertson SR65 (US-431) From I-24 to S. Springfield TPR
Davidson Battery Lane      Br. over W. Fork Branch Creek
Bridge Studies
Davidson Hillwood Blvd. Br. over CSX RR & Richland Creek
Bridge Studies
Davidson I-40 Interchange of I40 and McCrory Lane
Davidson Interstate 24 I-24/440 and U.S. 41 (M'boro Pk)
Davidson I-24/440 at U.S. 41
Davidson Interstate 40 at Spence Lane
Davidson Interstate 65 at 8th Avenue
Davidson Interstate 40 at Donelson Pk
Davidson State Route 255 Harding Place Ext. from Ezell Pike to I-40
Davidson State Route 24 From Stewart's Ferry Pike to Disspayne Dr.
Dickson State Route 46 Bridge over Branch TPR
Dickson Proposed Southwest Bypass From U.S. 70 to State Route 46 and/or I-40
Fayette I-40 at State Route 196
Fayette I-40 at State Route 222 (Exit 42) IMS
Fayette SR 196 Bridge over Shaw Creek
Fentress Local Route OA302
Vines Ridge Road
Bridge over Big Laurel Creek  
Fentress SR 28 (US 27) From SR 62 to Improved 3-Lane Section
Gibson Local Route A752
Cheekwood Road
Bridge over Branch of Sugar Creek TPR
Gibson Local Route A752
Cheekwood Road
Bridge over Sugar Creek LM 0.50 TPR
Greene Proposed Northern Connector SR-34(US-11E) West to SR-34(US-11E) East TPR
SR 93 Interstate 81 to SR 347 TPR
Hamblen SR-32 (US-25E) Interchange with College Park Drive LM 6.8 IJS
Hamblen SR-32 (US-25E) Interchange at Brights Pike or Dalton Ford Road IJS
Hamblen SR-160 Intersection of SR-160 and Commerce Blvd. TPR
Hamblen SR-66 SR-66 to SR-34 APR
Hamblen, Hawkins, & Greene SR-32 (US-25E) SR-32 (US-25E) in Morristown to I-81 south of Bulls Gap APR
Hamilton I-75 at US 11 (SR 2) Lee Highway IMS
Hamilton I-24 at W. Main St., MLK Blvd, & E. 4th St. IMS
Hamilton I-75 at I-24 IMS
Hamilton Hamill Road at Norfolk Southern RRX TPR
Hamilton SR-317 from SR 317 to E. Brainerd Rd. TPR
Hamilton SR 8 (US-127) from State Route 27 to Palisades Dr TPR
Hamilton SR-317 (Bonny Oaks Dr.) From SR 17 to I-75 TPR
Hardeman / Madison SR 18 from Bolivar to Jackson APR
Hardeman Local Route 00840 Bridge over Little Creek TPR
Hardeman Local Route 0A230 Bridge at L.M. 2.59 TPR
Hardin SR-128 from from State Route 57 to State Route 226 TPR
Hawkins SR-66 SR-34 (US-11E) to improved section near log mile 5.30 TPR
Haywood Local Route 01443 Staton Koko Road, Bridge over Prairie Creek TPR
Haywood/Lauderdale SR-19 from I-69 to the Brownsville Bypass TPR
Henderson SR-22 From State Route 20 to Hamlett St. TPR
Hickman/Maury State Route 50 From SR 48/SR 100 to SR 247 TPR
Houston SR-49 From SR-13 to SR-46 TPR
Jefferson SR-92 Bridge over Muddy Creek TIR
Jefferson I-40 I-40 at I-81 IMS
Jefferson SR-34 SR 34 from SR 92 to Odyssey Road TPR
Jefferson SR-92 Bridge Over French Broad River TPR
Johnson Local Route OA297 Bridge over Forge Creek TPR
Johnson Local Route OA122 Fairground Lane Bridge over Furnace Creek TPR
Johnson Circle Drive Bridge over Furnace Creek TPR
Johnson Crackers Neck Rd
Bridge over Vaught Creek TPR
Johnson SR-91 SR 91 from Cold Spring Rd. to VA State Line, Johnson County, TN and from the VA State Line to US 58, Washington County, VA TPR
Knox SR-131 From East of Schaffer Road to Middlebrook Pike TPR
Knox SR-475 Interchange at SR-475 & SR-162 IJS
Knox I-75 Interchange at I-75 & SR-131 IMS
Knox Watt Road Connector Existing Watts Road Terminus to 450ft south of SR-1 (Kingston Pk) TPR
Knox SR-331 Intersection of SR-331 and SR-131 TPR
Knox SR-332 (Concord Rd.) Northshore Drive to Campbell Station Rd. Extension TPR
Lauderdale Local Route 01495 Bridge over Chambers Branch TPR
Lauderdale Local Route 0A068 Bridge over Hyde Creek TPR
Lauderdale Local Route 0A081 Bridge over Cold Creek TPR
Lake, Obion SR-21 From SR 78 to SR 22 TPR
Lake SR-22 From State Route 21 to Cates Landing Rd. TPR
Loudon SR 1 at SR-2 Dixie Lee Junction TPR
Loudon SR-475 Existing I-40 & I-75 Interchange IJS
Macon State Route 10 from South of Goose Creek to State Route 52 TPR
Madison State Route 10 Southern Extension of State Route 186 and the US 45 Bypass TPR
Madison SR-186 from Old Hickory Boulevard to I-40 TPR
Marion Local Route OA331 Bridge over Town Creek TPR
Marion I-24 at US 72 IMS
Marion SR 156 From SR 27 (US 72) to SR 377 TPR
Marion SR 2/ US 72 From Hillcrest Lane to Phillips Rd. TPR
Marshall Special Bridge Replacement Program Local Route 0A261 TPR
Marshall-Bedford State Route 64 From SR 11/271 to SR 10 TPR
Maury I-65 at U.S. 412 (State Route 99)
Maury I-65 at State Route 50
Maury State Route 50 From State Route 247 to U.S. 46 (State Route 6)
Maury/Williamson SR-247 (Duplex Rd) From SR-6 to 0.11 Miles West of I-65
Maury/Williamson SR 6/ US 31 From Kedron Road to Mack Hatcher Pkwy
McMinn Athens Bypass From I-75 to SR 30
McNairy UT Martin Selmer Campus Improvement State Route 5 (US 45)
Morgan SR 29 SR-29 from SR-62 to SR-329
Obion State Route 5 from SR3 (US 51) to proposed I-69
Overton SR 52 (Corridor J) from SR 136 to SR 111
Perry State Route 13 from State Route 20 to I-40
Pickett SR 111 from Hassler Ln. to the KY State Line
Polk Columbus Road Bridge over CSX Railroad TPR
Polk LR-01223-Patty Road Bridge over Fourmile Creek
Polk Local Route OA207 Bridge over Town Creek
Polk SR 40 (US 64) from west of the Ocoee River to SR 68 Near Ducktown
Putnam I-40 near Mine Lick Creek Rd.
Putnam I-40 near Mine Lick Creek Rd.
Putnam SR 136 from SR 111 to I-40
Rhea SR 30 from SR 29 (US 27) to 2000 ft. E. of the TN River Bridge
Robertson I-65 at State Route 109
Robertson Proposed Southern Connector from State Route 49 West to State Route 76 East
Robertson State Route 257 from U.S. 41 (State Route 11) to Gideon Road at Bethel Road
Robertson State Route 49 from State Route 12 to I-24
Rutherford SR-266 From SR-102 to SR-840
Rutherford SR-268 From SR-1 to SR-10
Rutherford SR-99 From Southwest Loop Road to Cason Lane
Scott Lays Road
Route OA323 Lays Road L.M. 0.01
Bridge Replacement
Shelby I-40 at Canada Road
Shelby I-55 at Mallory Ave.
Shelby I-240 at South Parkway
Shelby I-240 at Airways Blvd.
Shelby I-40 at Sycamore View Road L.M. 15.62 to 16.03
Shelby I-55 at US 64 (Crump Blvd.)
Shelby Old Brownsville Road from SR 14 (Austin Peay Hwy) to proposed Kirby Whitten Pkwy
Shelby State Route 3/US 51/Elvis Presley Blvd. from State Route 175/ E. Shelby Dr. to I-55
Smith State Route 80 From Log Mile 5.0 to Log Mile 5.5 TPR
Smith - Macon SR 80 SR-80 from SR-85 to SR-56/262 (large file, 159 MB) TPR
Sullivan I-26 Interstate Welcome Center IJS
Sullivan SR-34 from Anderson St. to SR394 TPR
Sullivan SR 347 from SR 93 to I-26 TPR
Sumner SR 109 from SR 109 to South of Portland to I-65 TPR
Sumner SR 386 to SR 109 (Phase 2) from SR 386 to SR 109 (Phase 2) FS
Sumner State Route 386 to State Route 174 From State Route 386 To State Route 174 (Long Hollow Pike) FS
Sumner Hattentrack Road Extension from SR 174/ N. Water Ave. to new interchange at SR 109 TPR
Tipton SR-384 State Route 384, From State Route 14 to State Route 59
Trousdale SR-10/25 Intersection of SR-10/25 & SR-141
Unicoi-Washington SR-81 from I-26 to SR 107 TPR
Union-Claiborne SR-33 SR-61 to SR-32 TPR
Van Buren SR-111 at 284 and Baker Mountain Rd. IJS
Wayne Local Route 0A222 Bridge over Double Branch - Log Mile 6.61 TPR
Wayne Local Route 0A222 Bridge over Double Branch - Log Mile 8.62 TPR
Warren Northcutt Cove Rd. Bridge over Hayes Creek TPR
Warren Mountain View Industrial Park Access Road From Mountain View Industrial Drive to Doyle Frazier Rd. TPR
Washington New Two Lane Connector VAMC Campus to SR-34 TPR
Williamson SR-11 from SR 840 to Davidson County Line FS
Williamson SR-46 (Hillsboro Rd) Intersection of SR-46 & SR-106
Williamson I-65 at State Route 248
Williamson State Route 106 from State Route 248 to State Route 397
Williamson State Route 6 from Mack Hatcher Parkway to Downs Blvd.
Williamson State Route 247 from State Route 6 to 0.11 miles west of I-65
Wilson I-40 at Beckwith Road