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Multimodal Transportation Resources-Public Transportation Programs

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Section 5303, administered by FHWA, provides funding assistance to local governments for conducting transportation planning activities in urban areas with populations greater than 50,000.

Section 5307 is a formula grant program that provides communities with a population over 50,000 with funds to provide public transportation services.

Section 5309 is a discretionary grant appropriated by the federal government each year for capital expenses only. These funds’ purchase buses, vans maintenance facilities and related equipment, staff offices, and support equipment. This program provides public transportation to both urban and rural areas of the state.

Section 5310 provides grants for non-profit organizations providing transportation services for elderly persons and persons with disabilities. This program supplements existing transportation services in areas-urbanized, small urban, and rural where such services are insufficient, or inappropriate for these persons.

Section 5311 is a rural transportation grant program providing federal funds to the Tennessee Department of Transportation for state administration, planning, technical assistance, capital operating and project administration assistance in areas with population less than 50,000. The annual federal allocations are based on the non-urbanized population, the number of vehicles and counties in the service area.

Section 5311(f), Intercity Transportation allocation is 15% of the Rural transportation apportionment for the State of Tennessee. TransSystems, Inc. is currently conducting an intercity assessment study to determine if there are any gaps with intercity transportation in Tennessee. The ten (10) rural transportation systems are presently providing adequate intercity transportation services.

CTAP, Community Transportation Assistance Program

Human Services Transportation Coordination is a provision aimed to improve transportation services for persons with disabilities, older adults, and individuals with lower incomes by ensuring that communities coordinate transportation resources provided through multiple federal programs. Coordination will enhance transportation access, minimize duplication of services, and facilitate the most appropriate cost-effective transportation possible with available resources.

New Freedoms is a formula-based grant program associated capital and operating costs based on population of persons with disabilities. This grant encourages services and facility improvements to address the transportation needs of persons with disabilities that go beyond those required by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Job Access & Reverse Commute (JARC) provides funding for local programs that offer job access and reverse commute services to provide transportation for low income individuals who may live in the city core and work in suburban locations.

State Operating is an operating grant for all transit agencies in the State. The grant is 100% state dollars. Allocation is based on population figures. They are to be used for operating assistance only, and the time frame is for one year beginning every July.