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American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

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TDOT Administered Funds
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  Highways and Bridges: $486,877,182 (100% obligated)
Airport Grants: $4,568,353
(100% obligated)
Rural Transit: $21,168,758
(100% obligated)
Discretionary Grants: $5,800,000
($3,615,184 obligated)
Total: $518,414,293
($516,162,477 obligated)
 Direct Transportation Apportionments to other agencies/municipalities:
 Direct Apportionments to Metropolitan Planning Organizations: $85,823,861
Four Large Urban MPOs:  $69,934,160
(100% obligated)  
  Small Urban MPOs: $15,889,701 (100% obligated)  

Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Direct Apportionments:  $52,076,084
Funds to Large Urban areas: $42,276,173
Funds to Small Urban areas: $9,771,871
Fixed Guideway-Chattanooga TN-GA:  $28,040

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Direct Apportionments: $12,966,517
Tennessee Major Carriers: $12,966,517