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American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

  • TIGER Grants Announced on February 17, 2010 by USDOT (pdf)

  • Appalachian Regional Short-Line Rail Project---$17,551,028----Project will rehabilitate hundreds of miles on five unconnected short-line railroads in Kentucky, West Virginia and Tennessee. Investments include rail, crossties, grade crossing, bridge and tunnel work. (Multi-state grant). Of this amount, Tennessee was awarded $2,820,458.00.

    Crescent Corridor Intermodal Freight Rail Project---$105,000,000---The Crescent Corridor is a major intermodal freight program centered on the continued development of Norfolk Southern's rail intermodal route from the Gulf Coast to the Mid-Atlantic. The TIGER grant supports construction of two new intermodal facilities in Memphis and Birmingham--both critical components of the full corridor plan. Construction of these facilities includes pad and support tracks, trailer and container parking areas, lead tracks, and related ancillary buildings and features. (Multi-state grant). Of this amount, Tennessee was awarded $52,500,000.00.

  • EPA Diesel Emissions Reduction / Truck Stop Electrification---$2,000,000---EPA Diesel Emissions Reduction / Truck Stop Electrification---$2,000,000---This grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency helps equip truck stops along Tennessee interstate corridors with truck stop electrification (TSE) technology. This technology provides heating and cooling for sleeper cab compartments and power to run electrical appliances. TSE technology allows truck drivers to turn their engines off, save fuel and money, and reduce air emissions while staying comfortable in the truck cab during required rest periods.



  • FHWA On-the-Job Training---$800,000---This grant from the Federal Highway Administration expands TDOT’s current On-The-Job Supportive Services Program through its Civil Rights Office due to the increased level of state highway contracts with ARRA funding. It is the intent of this program to train ready, willing and able individuals for entry or re-entry into the workforce. Construction companies need additional qualified employees in order to successfully participate on the projects. Recruiting additional participants into the OTJT/SS Program will provide participants with much needed entry-level construction and life skills, while supplying these businesses with labor to successfully bid and work on ARRA and other state highway projects. The Contract Administrator is LeMoyne Owen College Community Development Center, a Historically Black College, who will recruit and train these additional participants from across Tennessee. Job training centers are currently located in Nashville, Memphis, Chattanooga and Knoxville.

  • FHWA Ferry Boat---$3,000,000---This grant is to construct a new ferry barge and construct new landings and floating terminal at the Cumberland City Ferry. The new barge will allow for an increase in the number of vehicles that may be transported on a crossing. The new landings will provide better access for both the ferry and vehicles. The floating terminal will provide enhanced safety of the ferry equipment during the periods of high water and swift currents due to flooding and heavy rain.

  • Map of Tennessee Fund Allocations by County