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 The Tennessee Adopt-A-Highway volunteer initiative plays a key role in TDOTís effort to keep state roadways cleaner, while at the same time controlling the growing cost of litter removal to taxpayers.

The Adopt-A-Highway program is one of litter awareness where volunteers agree to adopt a section of state roadway for at least one year and conduct litter removal activities on that section at least four times during the year. Since the inception of the Adopt-A-Highway program in 1989, thousands of Adopt-A-Highway volunteers have collected more than 12 million pounds of litter from Tennesseeís roadsides.

Through their volunteer work on state roadways, Adopt-A-Highway participants raise public awareness of an individualís responsibility for preventing roadside litter. This public-spirited activity extends the effectiveness of TDOTís litter removal efforts by raising public awareness of the negative impacts littering can have on the environment and economic vitality of communities in the state.

There is no cost to participate in the program. TDOT furnishes safety vests, caution signage, trash bags and safety education materials to volunteers, in addition to picking up filled trash bags from the roadside for the volunteer groups. As a way to identify volunteers and recognize the contributions they make to their communities, TDOT installs distinctive Adopt-A-Highway signs with names of the volunteer groups. This demonstrates to the motoring public how much Adopt-A-Highway volunteers care about the community and the environment.

To learn more and apply to participate in the program, please visit or contact the Adopt-A-Highway Coordinator, at 615.741.6896