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TDOT funds the expansion of TDOT SmartWay, the state’s Intelligent Transportation System (ITS).

The Chattanooga SmartWay project is funded for construction in 2008 and includes the installation of highway message boards, traffic monitoring devices, and fiber optic communications on approximately 42 miles of Chattanooga freeways. Traffic cameras are presently being installed along these freeways under an active project scheduled for completion in the summer. A new traffic management center will also be constructed for the operation of this system.

In Nashville, a project to extend the ITS SmartWay system to and beyond the Nashville city limits is funded for construction in 2009.

TDOT SmartWay uses advanced information technologies to improve the safety and operation of highways and other transportation modes, such as public transit. There are several components of SmartWay. Systems in Knoxville, Memphis, Chattanooga and Nashville offer real-time traffic conditions via SmartWay traffic cameras on line at

These images are also supplied to local broadcasters where available. Message boards provide immediate information to motorists, and on-line dynamic TDOT SmartWay maps display weather related road conditions in addition to construction locations and road closures.
TDOT SmartWay is designed to reduce traffic congestion by reducing incident clearance time, increase safety by decreasing the number of secondary accidents, and, by working in conjunction with our incident management program (HELP), improve emergency response to traffic situations.