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Tennessee Roadscapes

Tennessee Roadscapes, cultivating the road ahead

:: Who can apply for Tennessee Roadscapes Grants?

:: What types of projects are eligible?

:: How does it work?

:: How do I apply?

:: Is there more information?

Who can apply for the Tennessee Roadscapes grants? (TOP)
Grants will be awarded to qualifying groups to promote new landscaping projects along roadways throughout the state of Tennessee. Municipal and county governments are encouraged to apply for these grants. Civic and neighborhood groups such as garden clubs, chambers of commerce and development organizations demonstrating a partnership with their local governments will also be eligible to submit applications. Applications will be reviewed by TDOT and a statewide advisory council.

What types of projects are eligible? (TOP)
The Tennessee Roadscapes program can include the following types of projects:

  • Community gateways and entry corridors
  • Interstate and highway interchanges
  • Highway crossroads
  • Scenic vistas and overlooks
  • Points of interest (historic sites, park entrances)
  • Exotic/Invasive plant removal
  • Native plant restoration
  • View shed/Landscape enhancement
  • Stream bank/Wetland restoration

How does it work? (TOP)
This is a matching grant program. Grant applicants fund 20 percent of their project and TDOT funds the remaining 80 percent from federal funds that have been specifically earmarked for roadway enhancement projects. The minimum grant award is $10,000.

How do I apply?  (TOP)
Download the Tennessee Roadscapes Grant Application and Instructions. The deadline for submitting applications is September 17, 2010.

Is there more information? (TOP)
For more information about the Tennessee Roadscapes program, please call (615) 532-3488.