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Cycling to work is a healthy alternative to the daily stress of sitting in traffic. There are many advantages to riding your bike to work, some of which are: it will save time; reduce traffic congestion; reduce air pollution thereby improving air quality and allow you to squeeze exercise into your daily routine. You should also consider hopping on your bike to run errands rather than taking your car. Since half of all daily trips in the United States are five miles or less, it just makes sense to start pedaling.

Here are some additional benefits: it is efficient; improves overall health; gives you an opportunity to re-discover your community and helps save some of your paycheck due to reduced fuel cost. Start pedaling today and save the wear and tear on your car, save money and help save the environment. In addition it is a lot more fun than sitting in traffic on the congested interstate.

Can you think of anything more liberating? Its easy start today!

Below are a variety of links to information about biking options, including bike trails throughout the state, bike safety tips and much more. Check this page regularly as more links will be added as they become available.

If you are aware of additional commuting links and resources that should be added to this page, please let us know. Send your suggestions and comments to TN.SmartCommute@tn.gov


TDOT Bike/Ped Page:
Bicycling and Pedestrian resources
Tennessee Trails: Tennessee Trails and Greenways
BIke/ Walk Tennessee: Cycling and walking in Tennessee

West Tennessee
Mid-South Trails
: mountain bike and trail information for the Memphis area
City of Memphis Bike Tours
: enjoy 60+ miles of city streets for on-road, shared roadway bike route tours

Middle Tennessee
Bike and Ride (MTA):
Now your bike can go everywhere you go.
Walk/Bike Nashville: Resources for walking/biking

East Tennessee
Knoxville Regional TPO:
Biking info for Knoxville area as well as general bike info.
Chattanooga: Bike Chattanooga

Additional resources
Bicycle Safety: Federal Highway Administration safety tips
BicycleSafe.com  Advise on safe bicycle travel