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SR 460/US 64/Somerville Beltway Fayette County

Welcome to the Tennessee Department of Transportation’s website for the Somerville Beltway project.

The Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT), in conjunction with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), is proposing to construct, on new location, a Beltway facility around the Town of Somerville. 

The purpose of the new highway is to provide a facility that meets present and future traffic demands and provides motorists with improved connections to other major highways, such as State Route 15 (US 64) and State Route 76.  The new highway will be given the designation of State Route 460 (US 64), and will be funded and constructed in phases.

With the Environmental Assessment completed in September 2008, the Department is moving forward with the design and construction of the southern leg of the beltway.  This project begins near Jones Creek on US-64 west of Somerville and ends near Bennetts Creek on US-64 east of Somerville, crossing State Route 76 near the landfill and Justice Center.

Project Information
Description: State Route 460 (US 64) from SR 15 (US 64) West of Somerville to SR 15 (US 64) East of Somerville
Project Numbers: NHE-460(2); 24092-2203-14
Project PIN: 101607.00

For a printable version of the location map, click here (PDF).

Somerville Beltway General Location Map.