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State Route 112

(U.S. 41A) Clarksville Highway Davidson County From State Route 12 to State Route 155

Project Description

The current proposal to widen State Route 112 (Clarksville Highway) from State Route 12 (Ashland City Highway) to State Route 155 (Briley Parkway) in Davidson County was initiated through requests from state and local representatives.  The Tennessee Department of Transportation, in response to these requests, conducted a number of studies, most notably a feasibility study in July of 1997 and the Advance Planning Report (APR), approved in March of 2004, that list deficiencies in the current highway section that would be resolved with the proposed widening.  The APR deficiencies include an outdated road design that does not accommodate existing traffic volumes; lack of sidewalks and bike lanes; an aging structure over White’s Creek; and an above average accident rate.

As a functioning roadway, Clarksville Highway is classified as an Urban Minor Arterial.  Minor arterials of this type carry large volumes of traffic within or through an urban area and interconnect with an urban principal arterial (Briley Parkway). Typically, minor arterials place emphasis on land access and generally carry bus routes.  It is indicated in the APR, that Clarksville Highway provides access to various land uses (e.g. agricultural, commercial, public buildings, religious institutions, residential).  The current capacity of this section of the roadway to provide safe access to these uses, while still carrying the large volumes of traffic is at a very low level of service and will continue to worsen as traffic increases.

The proposed widening would increase the section of Clarksville Highway from the Ashland City intersection to the Briley Parkway interchange from two lanes to four travel lanes with a continuous left turn.  Additional improvements along the route will be the improvement of the intersection of Clarksville Pike and Ashland City Highway; the replacement of the structure over White’s Creek; the upgrade of existing traffic signals at King’s Lane and West Hamilton Road (east); and, the addition of bike lanes, sidewalks and grass strips. 

Upon completion of the widening of this section, the route will be a full five lane section from the Martin Luther King Bridge over the Cumberland River to Briley Parkway, greatly improving the level of service.  For more details regarding lane widening and other design features, see Proposed Design.


This is a leisurely gaze northward along State Route 12 !
View of SR 112 (Clarksville Highway) looking North.