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State Route 128

From Pyburns Drive to State Route 226 (Airport Road)

Project Timeline

Transportation projects are developed in four phases: Planning and Environmental, Design, Right-of-Way Acquisition, and Construction. The following is a reflection of various aspects of these phases as they have occurred or will occur on the improvement of State Route 128.

Current Schedule

The project is in the Planning and Environmental phase. This phase is defined by the Tennessee Environmental Streamlining Agreement (TESA). There are four concurrence points in TESA.

Now a Categorical Exclusion (CE) environmental document is being completed for the project within the limits from Pyburns Drive to SR-226 (Airport Road). The preliminary design can also be completed within these project limits at this time.

When the funds for the right-of-way phase of this project are approved in the State Budget, a public meeting will be scheduled. At the meeting the public will have the opportunity to view and make comments on the completed environmental document and preliminary design plans from Pyburns Drive to SR-226 (Airport Road). The plans will then be developed further taking into account the comments received at the public meeting. These plans will be used in the right-of-way acquisition phase.