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State Route 30 Project - Rhea County

From SR-29 in Dayton to West of TN River

Proposed Design

Because the project is in the Environmental Phase, and has not yet progressed to the Design Phase, there are no design documents for the project.  Currently, three project alternatives are being considered.  They are discussed in more detail below.

Build Alternative 1 – Phase 2 EPD Improvements to Existing SR 30: Build Alternative 1 follows existing SR-30 for the length of the project, from SR-29 to west of the Tennessee River. 

Build Alternative 2 – White Oak Road: Build Alternative 2 follows White Oak Road from SR-29 to the intersection of New Union Road and SR-30, follows existing SR-30 to the end of the project at the Tennessee River Bridge approach.

A No-Build Option will also be considered during the NEPA process.  This involves making no improvements to existing SR-30 beyond routine maintenance and repairs.


Corridor Map
Corridors to be evaluated during NEPA process
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