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State Route 5 (US 45W)

From Chapel Road in Gibson County to SR-3 (US 51), Union City, Obion County

Project Description

The Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT), in cooperation with the Federal Highway
Administration (FHWA), approved an environmental document in 2005 proposing to upgrade an approximate 20-mile section of SR-5 (US 45W) from north of Rutherford in Gibson County to Union City in Obion County.

The purpose of the project is to improve the traffic flow, correct route deficiencies, improve the safety of the highway and complete the final segment of SR-5 included in the plan to 4-lane the route from Jackson to Union City. The improvements to SR-5 are part of an overall plan to four-lane the U.S. 45, U.S. 45E, and U.S. 45W road network from the Mississippi state line north to the Kentucky state line.

This 20-mile corridor was broken down into shorter, workable sections in order to more fluently design and construct. All viable alternatives were considered and studied in the environmental document, including a No-Build alternative.

Sections 1 through 4 begin north of Chapel Road in Gibson County and extend to Troy-Polk Station Road in Obion County, approximately 11 miles in length.

Section 5 begins at Troy-Polk Station Road and ends near Allie Campbell Road, 6.61 miles in length.

Section 6 begins near Allie Campbell Road and ends at SR-3 (US 51), 2.78 miles in length.

The primary benefits of the proposed action include:

• Correcting route deficiencies
• Improving level of service for traffic traveling on the route
• Completing the final four-lane section of the S.R. 5/US 45W corridor from Jackson to Union City