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Project Updates

Project Update Photo of bridge construction.(Updated 5/27/14)

Elm Hill Road at City Park Drive is now open to traffic. 

Progress Made To Date:


  • Approximately 390,000 of the 669,802 cubic meters of fill material is in place and this operation will continue until complete.
  • Storm drain instillation continues as the contractor reaches the necessary grades with their fill material. Approximately 75% complete.
  • Installation of utilities (Water, Sewer and Gas) is complete at this time. It will continue as construction phasing allows.    
  • As roadway slopes are being completed topsoil is being places and stabilized with seed, straw and matting for permanent stabilization.   
  • Construction of box and culvert for access to the TVA toe drain is complete.  Fill operation in this area have begun.


  • Bridge #1 (over Norfolk Southern Railroad): Phase I Construction of the bridge over Norfolk Southern Railroad is complete.  Phase II substructure is complete.  Superstructure construction has begun.                                  
  • Bridge #2 (over TN River): Abutment #1 is under construction.  The abutment beam and wing wall footings are poured. No further work can begin until the beams are set.  Construction of the haul rd. and temporary dock area at the abutment #2 end is complete. Fill material for abutment #2 will continue as weather permits.  Drilling and blasting at Pier #3 is underway.
  • Bridge #3 (over Tellico Canal): Abutment #1 and #2 and Piers #1 and #4 are complete.  The foundation for Pier #1 is underway.

Work anticipated:

  • Continue to place fill material between bridge #2 and bridge #3
  • Continue construction of Phase #2, Bridge#1(over railroad)
  • Drilling and Blasting operations on Bridge #2
  • Construction of Bridge #3, Pier #2 and #3


SR-73 (US-321) project photos. SR-73 (US-321) project construction photos.
SR-73 (US-321) project photos. SR-73 (US-321) project construction photos.
SR-73 (US-321) project construction photo. SR-73 (US-321) project photo.